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Review 2023 and set course for strategy 2024.

2023, a decisive year in terms of quality and regulatory advances.

The year 2023 marked a major turning point for Pixacare, with a particular focus on quality. We are proud to have achieved several key milestones:

  • ISO 13485 certification, attesting to the conformity of our quality management system for medical device manufacturers. Read the article.
  • Class I CE marking for Pixacare Application. Read the article.
  • Class I CE marking for WoundTrack I, our wound surface trimming tool. Read the article.
  • Submission of technical documentation for WoundTrack II, to obtain class IIa CE marking in 2024.

For 2024, our QARA objectives are clear: maintain ISO 13485 certification while reinforcing our quality management system, and complete the corrections requested by the notified body on WoundTrack II 's technical documentation in order to obtain class IIa CE marking. Once the CE mark has been affixed, we will be able to market WoundTrack II, our AI for automatic measurement and analysis of chronic wounds.

Pixacare growth in 2023.

In 2023, our expansion continued with the deployment of Pixacare in 7 new healthcare establishments, including the prestigious CHU de Nantes and Rouen. This was an exceptional year in terms of increased usage: we welcomed over 1,300 new users, managed 28,000 new patients and secured over 180,000 photos.

As 2024 approaches, several deployments are already scheduled. We'll be sharing details of new customers as they become available. In the meantime, we're delighted to confirm our partnership with the Gustave Roussy Institute, Europe's largest cancer treatment center (CLCC).

Our meetings in 2024 and upcoming events.

2023 was a year rich in encounters. We had the pleasure of meeting you at six major congresses, including EWMA in Milan, Santexpo and the Maxillofacial Surgery Congress. These events were invaluable opportunities to meet doctors, nurses and hospital decision-makers.

With our sights set on 2024, we are already planning our participation in various major conventions. Dates and locations will be regularly updated on the "Events" page of our website. Among the events already scheduled, we'll be present at Santexpo, the Diabetes Congress and the Plastic Surgery Congress.

On the product side, we launched WoundTrack I and made major improvements to the web app to optimize healing monitoring.

Our major breakthrough came with the introduction of WoundTrack I, a revolutionary feature enabling semi-automatic calculation of wound surfaces.

The web app has also evolved to better meet the requirements of wound monitoring. We've integrated dedicated questionnaires, designed customizable care protocols, and simplified the addition of new patients, making the tool more intuitive and comprehensive. Read the article.

For the photo library, we've added a comment space, usable via manual input or voice dictation, and fine-tuned collaborative groups to encourage team collaboration.

Find out what's in store for 2024 by reading the product roadmap on our blog. Read the article.

New talent joined us, and we moved.

  • Léo Armand, our React Native developer, whose work will culminate in the release of the mobile app redesign in March 2024.
  • Annie Tu, e-health projects manager, is in charge of the reimbursement strategy for remote monitoring of chronic wounds. We'll be sharing details of this strategy with you in January.
  • Sophie Jund, a 6th year pharmacy student and work-study student in quality assurance and regulatory affairs, made a significant contribution to ISO 13485 audits and the submission of technical files for CE markings.

These arrivals energize our team and strengthen our expertise. At the same time, we also marked a new chapter by moving to eXplora, Nextmed's innovative campus in Strasbourg.

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