Collaborative platform for documentation and telemonitoring of monitoring.

  • Photos and documentation of lesions.
  • Dimensional analysis of wounds.
  • City-hospital collaboration.
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Medical devices
DM-certified solution with CE marking.
Integration with patient records
Pixacare connects to interoperable hospital software.
Sovereign hosting
Data is hosted on a French server certified for health data hosting.
ISO 13485 standard
Quality management system.

Standardized documentation of lesions.

  • 1
    Take a photo of the wound.
  • 2
    Add keywords.
  • 3
    Complete the measurements and questionnaire.
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Dimensional analysis of chronic wounds with our WoundTrack tool.

Document wounds with a clinical questionnaire.

For monitoring diabetic foot wounds, leg ulcers, pressure sores, traumatic wounds, burns, dermabrasions, cancerous wounds and peristomal wounds.

A questionnaire for surgical wounds is also available on request.

Download clinical questionnaires
WoundTrack I view

Calculation of wound surface.

With WoundTrack I, you can precisely measure the wound surface by moving your finger around the area to be measured.

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Wound evolution illustration

Visualize the healing process.

Automatically generate a complete healing follow-up. Observe the impact of the treatment protocol on healing.

More precise wound analysis.
Percentage error of measurements obtained in preclinical testing.
13,5 j
10,7 j
Patient returned home 3 days earlier.
Preliminary results, medico-economic study in progress.
2.05 consultations
0.9 consultation
2 times fewer follow-up consultations.
Preliminary results, medico-economic study in progress.
3min10 of medical time saved per patient, or 1h30 per day.
C.Kuster, L.Ruffenach, C.Dissaux, C.Bruant-Rodier, F.Bodin. Annales de Chirurgie Plastique Esthétique. Volume 66, Issue 3, June 2021, Pages 217-222.
Without pixacare
With pixacare

Telemonitoring: remote monitoring of wound healing and city-hospital collaboration.

Download the city-hospital pathway infographic

Ensure efficient remote monitoring and optimize consultations.

Ensure continuous monitoring in the patient's home and receive reports on visits from nurses.
React quickly to complications.
Optimize your active file by reducing follow-up consultations.

Report on the use of Pixacare at the Haguenau hospital's wound and healing unit.

Vascular surgeon Dr Maxant and nurses Marie Lickel and Sylviane Guillard talk about their daily use of Pixacare.

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Dr Guillaume Maxant

Features designed for teamwork.

For better collaboration between caregivers.

Collaborative groups: photos and patients are shared in the department group.

  • Group accessible to all department members.
  • Access to department patient histories.
  • Easier information transfer.
  • Authorisation management by an administrator.
Collaborative groups view
Mailbox view

Secure messaging exchange photos and medical opinions between healthcare professionals.

  • Share messages and photos on a dedicated messaging system.
  • Receive notifications on your mobile.
  • Adapt the care protocol dynamically.
  • Share confidential information securely.

We develop artificial intelligence algorithms that measure and analyze wounds with the smartphone camera.

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Our subscriptions

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Trial version
  • Medical photo library
  • 200 MB storage
  • WoundTrack I
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For healthcare facilities
  • Medical photo library
  • Unlimited storage
  • WoundTrack I
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For liberals
  • Medical photo library
  • Unlimited storage
  • WoundTrack I
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