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Pixacare's mission is to improve the care of millions of patients suffering from chronic wounds.

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the genesis
Professor Bodin was taking more than 200 photos a week and had no tools to automatically sort and store them safely.

In 2018, he went to a healthcare innovation competition with the idea of creating an app to manage his medical photos. That's where he meets entrepreneur Matis Ringdal and engineer Vincent Marceddu. The prototype application they present wins several awards.

Since its launch, Pixacare has enjoyed a remarkable rise. The company reached a key milestone by raising €2 million in 2021. Then, by acquiring CE marking for medical devices and ISO 13485 quality management system certification, Pixacare is committed to meeting safety and performance requirements.

The application quickly established itself in the French medical landscape, gaining the trust of prestigious CHU and CLCC hospitals. By the end of 2023, Pixacare will have tracked over 60,000 patients and taken 400,000 medical photos, testifying to its rapid adoption by healthcare professionals.

Pixacare's offices are located in the heart of Strasbourg on the premises of Nextmed, a European reference center for innovation in healthcare. The twenty-strong Pixacare team fuses technological and medical excellence to revolutionize wound-healing monitoring.


Pixacare aspires to become the European leader in AI-assisted wound healing monitoring.

Milestones in our history :

April 2018
April 2018
Meet the co-founders at Hacking Health Camp.
April 2019
April 2019
Company founded and first employee.
April 2020
April 2020
First Prototype deployed.
July 2021
JULY 2021
Winner of the i-Lab competition.
September 2021
First fundraising of €2 million.
September 2022
Team of around 20 people, including 9 engineers and 4 phDs.
October 2022
First international deployment.
January 2023
CE mark for Pixacare Application, Class I medical device.
July 2023
JULY 2023
Pixacare obtains ISO 13485 certification.
July 2023
JULY 2023
CE mark for WoundTrack I, Class I medical device.

The values that drive us :

At the heart of every decision we make.
Every employee is committed and responsible.
We dare to move the lines.
We take care of each other.

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