Pixacare Application automates wound-healing monitoring.

  • Automatic photo management.
  • Remote wound analysis and monitoring.
  • City-hospital collaboration.
Healing edge view
hospitals and clinics
400 000
photos taken with Pixacare
70 000
patients followed
Medical images collection

Medical photo management solution.

The medical photo library automates photo classification and secures photo hosting.

medical time savings

Clinical study shows Pixacare saves surgeons up to 1.5 hours of medical time per day.

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Wound-healing monitoring solution.

Standardized documentation and semi-automatic wound measurements. Remote monitoring and city-hospital collaboration.

More precise wound analysis.
Percentage of measurement error obtained in preclinical testing.
13,5 j
10,7 j
Patient returned home 3 days earlier.
Preliminary results, medico-economic study in progress.
2.05 consultations
0.9 consultation
2 times fewer follow-up consultations.
Preliminary results of ongoing medico-economic study.
3min10 of medical time saved per patient, or 1h30 per day.
C.Kuster, L.Ruffenach, C.Dissaux, C.Bruant-Rodier, F.Bodin. Annales de Chirurgie Plastique Esthétique. Volume 66, Issue 3, June 2021, Pages 217-222.
Without pixacare
With pixacare

We develop artificial intelligence algorithms that measure and analyze wounds with the smartphone camera.

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WoundTrack II view

A solution for all healthcare establishments.

Forensic photo security.
Continuous centralization of photos taken in your facility.
Gather thousands of medical photos taken by your caregivers, directly into your information system.
More medical time for caregivers.
A clinical study shows that Pixacare saves surgeons up to 1h30 of medical time per consultation day. That's 3min and 10sec per patient.
Optimizing the active file.
On average, patients go home three days earlier, and follow-up visits are halved.
Integration with hospital software.
Pixacare integrates interoperably with GAM and DPI.
Standardization of IDE practices for wound monitoring.
With clinical questionnaires and semi-automatic wound surface calculations, all IDEs ensure the same follow-up.
Direct link with the coordinating physician.
The coordinating doctor receives notifications and accesses patient reports. He replies to the nurses directly in the application.
Forensic security of photos and messages.
Continuous centralization of photos taken in your facility. Protect the confidentiality and integrity of medical information exchanges.
Integration with hospital software.
Pixacare in interoperability with GAM and DPI.
Save time with automatic photo sorting
Your photos are automatically sorted by date, patient and keyword.
Coordinate follow-up with the IDEs in town.
Set up remote monitoring to track patients at home.
Easily build up your comparative history.
Retrieve your patients' photographic history in an instant.
Secure your medical photos.
All your data is hosted on a server certified for health data hosting.

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They talk about it better than we do.

Before Pixacare, photo management was a headache and a total burden for us. Now, we use our smartphones to take the photos and add keywords to facilitate searches by pathology. Filing is quick and automatic, and we can share photos securely with other users. Pixacare is an essential tool in our daily work.

Prof. Catherine BRUANT-RODIER
Head of the Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Maxillofacial Surgery Department - CHU Strasbourg
Head of the Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Maxillofacial Surgery Department - CHU Strasbourg

Pixacare integrates quickly into healthcare establishments.

Our application integrates with GAM and DPI.
The security of your data is our priority.
Deployment, training and customer relations.

The press is talking about us.

About Pixacare

The co-founders

In 2018, Professor Frédéric Bodin went to a health innovation competition with the idea of creating an app to manage his medical photos. He met Matis Ringdal and Vincent Marceddu; that's how the Pixacare team was born.

Matis Ringdal, CEO
The contractor

Matis Ringdal, CEO

Prof. Frédéric Bodin, CMO
the surgeon

Prof. Frédéric Bodin, CMO

Vincent Marceddu, CTO
The engineer

Vincent Marceddu, CTO

"In my department, we took over 200 photos a week and spent many hours sorting them. I needed a secure application to automate filing." Pr Frédéric Bodin

Our Story

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