We reinvent the use of medical photography.

✓ Medical photo management.
✓ Wound documentation and remote tracking.
✓ Artificial intelligences.


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The medical photo library

The first medical photo management solution. Pixacare automates the filing and secures the photos.

  • Scan the patient label for easy identification.
  • Add keywords to your photos.
  • Sort your photos by patient and date.

A study conducted at the University Hospital of Strasbourg showed that Pixacare saves surgeons up to 1.5 hours of medical time per working day.

Remote wound monitoring

The Pixacare application optimises the remote monitoring of the healing process.

  • Follow the visual appearance of the wounds.
  • Fill in the clinical parameters.
  • Visualise the evolution of the healing process.

We develop artificial intelligence algorithms that measure and analyze wounds with the smartphone camera.

They talk about it better than we do,

Prof. Guerreschi
Prof. Guerreschi
Plastic and aesthetic surgeon, Lille University Hospital

Photos help in more accurate identification and are invaluable in cutaneous oncology. We use them in the OR to guide the procedure.

Dr Quilichini
Dr Quilichini
Plastic and aesthetic surgeon, CHI Robert Ballanger

The teams use the application easily and massive time is saved in managing the department's photos.

Dr Maxant
Dr Maxant
Thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon, Hagueneau Hospital

An extremely responsive team, a very efficient platform and a real ability to listen to needs!

Pixacare can be easily integrated into healthcare facilities.


Our application integrates with GAM and DPI.


The security of your data is our priority


Our experts will accompany you throughout your journey.

The press talks about it .

The co-founders

In 2018, Professor Frederic Bodin went to Hacking Health Camp with the idea of creating an app to manage his medical photos. He met Matis Ringdal and Vincent Marceddu and that's how Pixacare was born.

Matis Ringdal
The entrepreneur
Prof. Frédéric Bodin
The surgeon
Vincent Marceddu
The engineer
"In my department we took over 200 photos a week and spent many hours sorting them. I needed a secure application to automate the sorting. Pr Frédéric Bodin

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