Medical images collection

Automatic management of medical photographs.

  • Automatic sorting of photos by date, patient and keyword.
  • Collaborative platform with groups and messaging.
  • Integration into healthcare establishments.
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Medical devices
Solution marked CE Medical Device.
Integration with patient records
Pixacare connects to hospital software with interoperability flows.
Sovereign hosting
Data is hosted on a French server certified for health data hosting.
ISO 13485
Our quality management system is certified to ISO 13485, the standard required of medical device suppliers.

Pixacare revolutionizes medical photo management.

Sorting your photos has never been easier.

Tools tailored to your needs.

medical time savings

Clinical study shows Pixacare saves surgeons up to 1.5 hours of medical time per day.

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Features designed for teamwork.

For better collaboration between caregivers.

Collaborative groups. Photos and patients are shared in the department group.

  • Group accessible to all department members.
  • Access to department patient histories.
  • Easier information transfer.
  • Authorisation management by an administrator.
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Mailbox view

Secure messaging.
Exchange photos and medical opinions between healthcare professionals in total security.

  • Share messages and photos on a dedicated messaging system.
  • Receive notifications on your mobile.
  • Adapt the care protocol dynamically.
  • Share confidential information securely.
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Pixacare integrates quickly into healthcare establishments.

Our application integrates with GAM and DPI.
The security of your data is our priority.
Deployment, training and customer relations.

Every week, practitioners capture hundreds of images to monitor healing, make historical comparisons, aid diagnosis, illustrate case studies and provide forensic evidence.

It is essential that these photos, as health data, are protected by facilities.

Our subscriptions

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Trial version
  • Medical photo library
  • 200 MB storage
  • WoundTrack I
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For healthcare facilities
  • Medical photo library
  • Unlimited storage
  • WoundTrack I
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For liberals
  • Medical photo library
  • Unlimited storage
  • WoundTrack I
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