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2024 product roadmap

At Pixacare, we plan product evolutions and updates a year in advance. For the year 2024, our product and technical teams have planned four major updates.

Scheduled for March, June, September and December, these updates will focus on three main areas: the realization of new projects, the overhaul of our remote monitoring system, and the improvement of existing functionalities.

Each update is designed to enrich the user experience, with the aim of making Pixacare a complete medical tool.

2024 product roadmap

New projects :

Mobile Application redesign (March 2024)

Our technical team has been working behind the scenes for several months to release a complete overhaul of the mobile application in React Native in March 2024. This update is not just technical, it will also introduce a brand new design to enrich the user experience.

Initially faced with the challenge of managing two separate code bases for iOS and Android, and a third for the web app, we opted for a unification strategy. The move to React Native allows us to maintain two aligned code bases, one for the web app and the other for the mobile app, while using a common programming language. This evolution has created an unprecedented synergy within our technical team, enabling each member to work flexibly on both applications. The aim? To offer more regular updates to our users and facilitate maintenance.

Tele-expertise partnership (March 2024)

We are delighted to announce an exclusive strategic partnership between Pixacare and Omnidoc, scheduled for June 2024. The aim of this collaboration is to offer you an innovative feature: the ability to export your Pixacare data directly into the Omnidoc platform to add value to your opinion requests.

PixaDA (December 2024)

The PixaDA solution, specifically designed to optimize the management of patients suffering from Atopic Dermatitis, will be available in December 2024. For the record, this project was a brilliant winner of the 2021 Digital Health Challenges. To find out more, we invite you to read our PixaDA article on the blog.

Redesign of remote monitoring with alert system:

The reimbursement of remote medical monitoring is now at the heart of the French healthcare system, with the inclusion of five pathologies in common law by 2023. Our goal is to add remote monitoring of chronic wounds to this list by 2025. To achieve this, we have drawn up a reimbursement strategy, the progress of which we will reveal to you in the coming weeks. This strategy involves setting up automatic alerts and rethinking the ergonomics of the solution. These new features, which you will be able to discover in June 2024, will mark a key step towards the submission of our dossier for digital medical device compliance certification by the Agence du Numérique en Santé (ANS).

Enhancement of existing functions:

Multi-chat (March 2024)

From March 2024, it will be possible to open group conversations in messaging, a long-awaited feature that will be available on both web and mobile applications.

Optimizing the addition of wounds (September 2024)

We simplify the process of adding wounds to patient records. With improved image previews and an optimized user path, adding multiple wounds will be child's play.

Videos (September 2024)

For a more complete analysis, it will now be possible to add videos to patient albums. Videos offer a detailed view of lesions, complementing the use of photos.

Implementation of translation system (December 2024)

Our web and mobile applications will be available in English, with a server infrastructure ready to integrate other languages in record time. In addition, this update will include an international time system so that photo additions are automatically aligned with each user's time zone.

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