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WoundTrack I: a revolution in wound measurement.

Say goodbye to inaccurate ruler measurements. WoundTrack I ushers in a new era of semi-automatic wound surface measurement. All you need to do is take a photo, then crop the wound with your finger so that our tool can accurately assess its surface.

The importance of standardizing wound measurement.

To standardize the monitoring of wound healing, it is recommended that the assessment of all wounds be standardized in the same way, regardless of who takes the measurements. This eliminates inter-observer variability and ensures consistent follow-up.

What's more, standardized measurement enables healthcare professionals to more effectively assess the response to the treatments applied, and make any necessary adjustments.

Revolutionizing wound measurement with one app: WoundTrack I.

Integrated into Pixacare Application, WoundTrack I is transforming the way wounds are documented. With the addition of photos, clinical questionnaires and now semi-automatic surface area calculation, wound documentation becomes more complete and accurate than ever.

How does semi-automatic wound measurement work?

The process begins with the application of a calibration sticker near the wound, serving as a centimetric reference point. The stickers, which are essential to ensure accurate measurements, are supplied by Pixacare to all its users. Once the sticker is in place, the caregiver takes a photo of the wound. He then details the wound with his finger, on the screen of his smartphone. This is where our technology comes into play: the WoundTrack I algorithm calculates the exact surface area of the wound in cm².

WoundTrack I, a CE-marked innovation.

Proof of WoundTrack I's safety and performance requirements has enabled it to bear the CE mark for medical devices. This mark is much more than a mere administrative formality. It is a testament to our commitment to providing quality, reliable and safe solutions to all our users.

In conclusion, WoundTrack is more than just a technological innovation. It redefines the standard for wound measurement.

But we're not stopping there: we're already working on WoundTrack II, an even more impressive breakthrough. With this next version, manual trimming will be a thing of the past. Artificial intelligence will be able to automatically measure the wound surface from the photo alone, without any human intervention. We are committed to pushing back the boundaries of technology to offer the best possible solutions to our users.

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