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Second Pixacare Scientific Advisory Board: one step closer to Artificial Intelligence-assisted monitoring of chronic wounds.

On November 27, the company's second scientific board took place at Pixacare's premises, a fundamental milestone in the optimization of chronic wound management. Pixacare, a pioneer in the field, is committed to improving wound management via innovative solutions using AI technology.

An assembly of experts

What makes our Scientific Advisory Board unique is that each member is an active user of our medical devices (MDs). Their feedback, based on real-life experience, is essential in adapting our technology to the needs of the field. We would like to express our gratitude to the distinguished members of our Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Pr Priscille CARVALHO, dermatologist and venereologist at Rouen University Hospital.
  • Pr Pierre GUERRESCHI, plastic surgeon at Lille University Hospital.
  • Dr Gabriela ILLES-HAJNAL, infectiologist at Francheville private hospital.
  • Dr Guillaume MAXANT, vascular surgeon at Haguenau Hospital.
  • Dr Edem ALLADO, rheumatologist and sports physician at Nancy University Hospital.
  • Pr Frédéric BODIN, plastic surgeon at Strasbourg University Hospital and co-founder of Pixacare.

The board addressed several crucial issues:

Product quality and regulations

Discussion of the regulatory aspects of our DM and the implementation of the ISO 13485 Quality Management System.

WoundTrack-II clinical study

Presentation of the results of the PIXAIRE-I clinical study on WoundTrack-II, highlighting interesting results concerning dimensional and wound content analysis. The technical file for CE marking of our class IIa DM has been submitted to the notified body.

Remote monitoring of chronic wounds

Reflection on the optimal frequency of consultations for different types of chronic wounds, and the potential impact of telemonitoring on reducing this frequency.

Evolution towards remote monitoring

To obtain reimbursement for remote monitoring of chronic wounds, it is essential to develop an automatic alert system. Members shared their expert opinions on the most relevant indicators and alerts, particularly in terms of infection and healing.

The expert advice of our Scientific Advisory Board is the cornerstone of our product roadmap.

The recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Board are fundamental elements in the continuous improvement of the solutions developed by Pixacare. Their advice, based on practical experience, serves as a guide to refine and evolve our products, ensuring that our DMs remain at the cutting edge of technology and meet the real needs of healthcare professionals.

In conclusion, this second Pixacare scientific board was a key step in our innovation process. We are at the dawn of a revolution in chronic wound management, with Pixacare at the forefront of this transformation. The fruitful exchanges and future prospects that have ensued testify to our commitment to transforming healthcare through our solutions.

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