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Revolutionizing chronic wound care with AI

The challenge of chronic wounds in France

Every year, 2 million French people suffer from chronic wounds, costing the social security system 3 billion euros.

The need for a solution

Careful monitoring of these wounds is essential. For the most fragile, getting around can be complicated. This difficulty is accentuated in medical deserts. What's more, the current situation of tension in the healthcare system highlights the need to free up consultation slots in order to facilitate access to care for all. A remote monitoring tool like WoundTrack II not only meets the need for scar monitoring, but could also help limit the number of consultations and better serve areas with less medical infrastructure.

The solution: WoundTrack II

What is WoundTrack II?

Designed specifically to meet this challenge, WoundTrack II harnesses AI to document wounds. Using a simple photo taken with a smartphone, this tool measures and analyzes wound contents.

The benefits of WoundTrack II

  • Efficiency: considerable time savings for medical staff.
  • Uniformity: a standardization of practice.
  • Interactivity: real-time monitoring of healing with interactive dashboards.

How does it work?

WoundTrack is based on two AI algorithms:

  1. WoundSize: this algorithm will detect the contour of the wound instantly and automatically. This is an evolution of our current product, which enables semi-automatic measurement with manual wound trimming.
  2. WoundType: this algorithm will analyze the contents of a wound. It automatically determines the percentages of necrosis, fibrin and budding, which are key indicators for assessing the stage of healing.

Next steps for WoundTrack II

Clinical validation

The reliability of these AIs is crucial. That's why they are currently undergoing rigorous clinical trials.

Market launch

Once Class IIa CE marking has been obtained, WoundTrack II will be made available to the general public. We anticipate marketing in 2024/2025.

Stay tuned to follow the progress of this revolutionary innovation in the world of healthcare.

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