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Step by step: integrating Pixacare into the hospital infrastructure.

Today's healthcare establishments face a major challenge: effectively integrating cutting-edge technologies to improve the quality of care.

With this in mind, many departments are choosing to deploy Pixacare, an innovative solution that secures and manages medical photos taken by caregivers on their smartphones, while optimizing the monitoring of patient healing. However, integrating such a tool into a healthcare infrastructure must overcome several challenges:

  • Regulatory issues: The solution must comply with data confidentiality and security standards.
  • Technical challenges: Pixacare needs to harmonize with existing infrastructures and software.
  • Human challenge: Caregivers need to be supported in adopting this new practice through training and ongoing technical support.

Pixacare meets these challenges with tailor-made deployment and attentive customer support.

Before and during deployment.

Technical preparation right from the start.

As soon as the contract is signed, you are put in touch with the Customer Success Manager (CSM). The CSM engages in dialogue with the healthcare establishment's IT project manager to analyze the caregivers'technological environment, ensuring the compatibility of personal telephones with the Pixacare application, and the quality of the Internet network. In this way, he anticipates potential technical obstacles to ensure a smooth deployment.

Customization according to medical context.

Each healthcare facility is unique, with its own specific services, protocols and needs. That's why the CSM engages in an in-depth discussion with the medical project manager to customize Pixacare according to these parameters. This crucial step adapts the software to thehospital's specific environment, from the recognition of hospital labels to the configuration of collaborative workgroups, ensuring seamless integration with existing medical practices.

Targeted training for effective learning.

Training is at the heart of the deployment. With an adjustable in-person or remote format, the CSM provides an interactive session to familiarize teams with Pixacare. This is not just a demonstration of functionalities, but a complete learning experience, enriched by real-time responses to user queries. Training tools - manuals, posters, brochures - as well as video tutorials, will remain available for teams to consult at a later date.

Pixacare's customized approach ensures successful deployment and seamless integration into medical practices.

After deployment, we offer technical support and ongoing training.

Personalized follow-up and active listening for a flawless experience.

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Pixacare is much more than just a point of contact; he is the guarantor of a long-lasting, high-quality relationship. After the integration of our solution, the CSM maintains a close link with users, ensuring regular follow-up to ensure their complete satisfaction. Satisfaction surveys are sent out from time to time to gather users' impressions, suggestions and needs. This enables our product team to improve the user experience and adapt functionalities to the realities of the field.

Ongoing integration and adaptation for new recruits.

The CSM takes personal charge ofonboarding new arrivals, creating a user profile and granting access to the necessary workgroups. Group training sessions are organized for cohorts of interns. Alternatively, educational resources such as video tutorials are constantly available for independent learning. This process ensures that every member of the team, regardless of when they arrive, will be able to use Pixacare to its full potential.

Responsive, personalized customer support.

Responsiveness is the watchword of our customer support. The CSM is available to answer questions, resolve problems and offer personalized assistance to users. Whether by e-mail or telephone, we are committed to providing a fast, relevant response within 24 hours. Proactive problem resolution is a priority, with follow-up until the user is completely satisfied. If a technical bug is identified, corrective action is quickly implemented with our technical team.

Quarterly updates and dedicated training.

With quarterly updates, Pixacare is regularly enriched with new features. After each update, we prepare a detailed newsletter and organize an interactive webinar to present the new features. Participants can discover the features, ask questions in real time and receive practical advice on how to make the most of the improvements. For those unable to attend, a replay of the webinar is made available, allowing everyone to access the information at their convenience.

In conclusion, Pixacare is committed to being a dynamic partner, constantly listening to and evolving with the needs of healthcare facilities. Each deployment marks the beginning of a rewarding and lasting collaboration.

Meet our Customer Success Manager, Olivier CALINE.

Olivier CALINE

Olivier, a native of Normandy with a passion for innovation in healthcare, studied pharmacy with a specialization in dispensing at the UFR Santé in Rouen. After working for several years in a community pharmacy, his growing interest in e-health led him to take on a new challenge. In 2022, he left the traditional pharmacy career path to join a medtech company, becoming Customer Success Manager at Pixacare.

To refine his skills around wound management, Olivier obtained his university diploma in "skin, wounds, healing and forms" in 2022. Thanks to this training, he acquires an in-depth understanding of users' needs, enabling him to tailor his training courses to the various medical specialties he encounters.

Olivier shares his enthusiasm: "Interacting with healthcare professionals from diverse backgrounds and helping them master our app is particularly rewarding." His empathetic approach is evident in his constant commitment to improving healthcare professionals' experience with the app.

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